Animal-Cruelty Free Favs


Here's a look at my favorite animal cruelty-free products! I have taken a lot of time, love, and care picking out these products for you all.

Why choose animal-cruelty free products?

Let's break it down, shall we?

(WARNING: Graphic Content Below)

Animal Testing:

An animal test is any scientific experiment or test in which a live animal is forced to undergo something that is likely to cause them pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm, according to Cruelty Free International

Photo sources from Animal Charter

I've done many school projects and research papers that require lots of information from different sources, and all in all, 


If you don't think that the images above are enough for you to stop using products that tests on animals, Google "animal testing" and then click on images; it's beyond sickening.

Now, I try to keep my blog posts very uplifting and positive, but this is the gruesome truth and I want all of my friends, followers, or anyone on the internet to know about what's really happening. Animal testing takes place EVERY DAY to over 10,000 animal, and they have no consent or say in what is done to them.

Anyways, I'll discontinue my rant, and show you these awesome products that DO NOT test on beloved fur babies of the world! 

Let's take a look at Shea Moisture:

Raw Shea Butter Mask:

This is the holy grail of all at-home deep conditioning treatments. It makes your hair soooo soft, it smells AH-MAZING, and it helps give back strength and protein to any type of hair. Just depending on how dry or fine your hair is, the amount you use differs. 

I use this bad boy after I shampoo my hair in the shower, run it through the ends of my hair, and keep it in for at least 5 minutes! After rinsing thoroughly and air drying, your hair feels like the silkiest, softest locks of hair sent from the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite. 

Raw Shea & Cupuaçu Daily Defense Moisturizer:

What in the heck is a Cupuaçu? Cupuaçu is a fruit found in the tropical rainforests throughout the Amazon, giving a pineapple and chocolate aroma. Similar to cocoa butter, with lots of hydrating properties, this can almost be considered a super fruit because of all the health and nutritional benefits it provides.

For more information, check out!

This moisturizer is great for dry and sensitive skin. Now I have combination/sensitive skin, but majority of my facial products are for battling my acne and dry out my skin, so this helps nourish my skin after washing and toning. It helps makeup go on super smooth, gives a little glow, and makes your face look/smell great!

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-in Conditioner:

I use a dime size amount for my hair, along with any styling product or heat protecting product, giving your hair extra moisture, shine, and protection. I'm a gal with curly hair, that needs constant hydration, making this product my favorite leave-in conditioner. 

Next up, Alba Botanica: 

Acne-dote Face & Body Scrub:

Alba Botanica was the first animal-cruelty free product line that I ever used and I LOVED it! I used to use the Hawaiian Pineapple Enzyme facial cleanser, but as I got older, I began struggling with acne more, and tend to break out way more often than I ever did in High School... 

So this is great if you have both facial or body acne, and need a little extra OOMFH to your body or face wash! After a sweaty workout or a hard day at work, this is PERFECT to keep acne to a minimum, as well as prevent future breakouts. This works for me, and may work for you. 

Acne-dote Deep Pore Wash:

This has no exfoliating beads, but this cleanser gets deep down in your pores, creating a soft, sudsy, paradise on your face, leaving it feeling extra squeaky clean!

Both of these products smell great and use 100% Vegetarian ingredients!

Next on the list, Burt's Bees:

Natural Acne Solutions Clarifying Toner:

This toner contains salicylic Acid and Willow Bark, to help fight acne and keep your pores clean and tight! I use this after washing my face, to help assist in getting any extra cleanser left on my face, as well as any excess dirt and oil. It's one of the only toners that has not made me break out in a rash.

 Not to mention, ALMOST 100% natural; 99.5% to be exact.

Who dat? It's Mario Badescu:

Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater:

One of my favorite Romanians has a whole line of spa-inspired products for your at-home use. This rosewater spray is perfect to prime or set makeup, refresh your face after a workout, or give extra moisture to your hair and skin.

This is a must have! I don't know where my skin would be if it wasn't for this liquid gold... And of course, it smells amaze-balls.

ALSO: Just tried Mario's Drying Lotion, which is a spot treatment for acne that you wear overnight and I would recommend it!

I feel like Lush is a crowd favorite:

Mask of Magnanimity:

So three things:

  2. All their products are AH-MAZING but I'm going to just highlight this one mask.
  3. If you haven't tried a bath-bomb yet, YOU HAVE NOT LIVED!

The Mask of Magnanimity helps with my redness and irritation, acne, discoloration, and exfoliation of my skin. It's what I would consider the super-hero of all masks. It has soooo many yummy things like Kale, Almonds, Honey, and Peppermint Oil, which assist in making your skin look and feel amazing.

I will say how overly obsessed I am with this mask not only because it works wonders, BUT, they have a self-preserving version, which lasts super long, AND this is one of the few masks Lush offers that does not need to be refrigerated.

If you don't own this mask yet, you are missing out on a life-changer here...

Sorry Mario, you ain't the only man in my life... Give it up for Jāsön:

Purifying Tea Tree Body Wash:

For the longest time, I always used the cheapest body wash with all sorts of chemicals and dyes, leading to skin irritation, small break outs and sometimes even rashes. Once I started to use this body wash, all my impurities were GONE. I love the way this body wash smells as well.

It's great for sensitive skin and Tea Tree Oil helps kick acne's butt too.

Sea Fresh Deep Sea Spearmint Toothpaste:

I used regular toothpaste for as long as I could remember, until I found out recently that majority of the toothpaste and mouthwash companies, AKA Johnson & Johnson, etc. take part in animal-testing. So I said GOOBYE to my old toothpaste.

Not to mention, most toothpastes have artificial sweeteners and other chemicals that may be harmful to our bodies.

Not going to lie, it takes a while to get used to the taste of this toothpaste, especially if your used to brands like Colgate or Crest, but it keeps my mouth fresh and clean, plus, no animals harmed!

Time for some makeup! Give it up for NYX:

Doll Eye Mascara:

Like Alba BotanicaNYX was my first animal-cruelty free cosmetics line! Not to mention super affordable, lasts long, and has GREAT selections on all beauty products they offer.

Just bought a matte finish lipstick which is GORGEOUS! NYX is my favorite makeup line. 

This mascara is perfect for shaping your lashes upward, while keeping your lashes uniform with no clumps. This is the first mascara of three that I put on my eyelashes.

Eyebrow Mascara:

This is the only thing I will ever put on my eyebrows, I repeat,


It's the holy grail of eyebrow shaping and shading for both beginners or makeup experts. I get this dark brown colored one for my dark brown/black hair and it makes me look and feel like a super star...

Cheek Contour Duo Palette:

I got this on sale at Nordstrom Rack for like $4 and it's one of my favorite highlighting palettes. It makes me glow up like Tinkerbell's squad going out on a Saturday night for happy hour.

Buy this, you won't regret it.

Faux Lashes:

This is a volumizing mascara that I put on after Doll Eye, giving my lashes some stand out power.

Pin-Up Tease:

This is the best ending mascara there ever was. I put this on last because the shape of the brush gives my lashes one last curl and separates them in perfect symmetry. I look FAB-U-LOUS after this bad boy.

It's not Christmas just yet, but here's some E.L.F.:

Daily Brush Cleaner:

Must have if you don't want to wash your brushes and dirty up your sink. All you need is a clean cloth and a dirty makeup brush! This is $1 too. What's not to love about being cheap, convenient, and helpful? 

Makeup Mist & Set:

Best bang-for-your-buck setting spray. I use this when my makeup's done, and it makes my makeup stays ALL DAY LONG.

Did I mention it's only a $1????

I wouldn't say it's sweet, but it's Tarte:

Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Tinted Pressed Finishing Powder:

Thankfully, a really cool girl named Taylor that works at Ulta near my house, introduced my to Tarte. 

I was about to buy Bare Minerals, but I explained I did not want a powdery-looking finish, because that's what my previous powder did. She told me Tarte had a finishing powder, which was less powdery AND all their products are animal-cruelty free, ANNNDDD majority of their products are made from Amazonian Clay!

Total win, win, win. I was blown away!

And then she helped me find my shade, which is Medium, for anyone who has similar skin to me, and I cannot even lie, my makeup looks way more professional and natural.

THIS is what I have been looking for!

It's been a long, long time, and big shout out to Taylor for introducing me to a new and amazing brand!

This concludes my Animal-Cruelty Free Products!

For any questions, comments, or other products that you want to rave about, comment below!

Thank you always,
Peace and love,